Make Learning Fun with this Rainy Day Sight Word Activity

Practicing sight words can be a challenge for young children, especially when they would rather be moving around than sitting still. Fortunately, with this play-based learning activity, children can practice recognizing and saying sight words while also getting up and moving their bodies.

Creating the Rainy Day Sight Word Puddle Activity

Puddle Jumping Sight Word Activity

To set up the activity, cut out “puddles” from cardstock and write common sight words on each one. For young children who are still developing their reading skills, the goal is to hear the word and recognize it in writing.

Encourage your child to say the word aloud as they jump on the corresponding puddle. This helps with long-term retention of the information and keeps the child engaged and active in their learning.

Customizing the Activity for Your Child’s Skill Level

There is plenty of room for modification with this activity, depending on your child’s skill level. For children who are ready for a challenge, add more sight words or more complex words. For children who are just starting to learn their letter sounds, call out each letter sound while encouraging children to jump on the corresponding letter.

Kid holding umbrella sight word actvity

An added bonus of this activity is that it encourages children to get up and move around. With rain boots and an umbrella, it can also be a fun way to incorporate a rainy day theme into learning.

Try this Sight Word Puddle Activity at Home

As with any play-based learning activity, the goal is to make learning fun and engaging for children. By incorporating movement and play into sight word practice, children are more likely to stay focused and retain the information. Give this activity a try at home and let us know in the comments how it worked for you and your child!

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